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Gravitating toward driven, confident female roles, Stephanie Bergeron plays the ingénue with brains and a backbone- complex, intelligent, and true-hearted, with an elegance that belies her strength. But, sometimes it’s the sweet ones you have to watch out for…


A multi-hyphenate artist and mercurial spirit, Stephanie is a proud member of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (CAEA), and alumna of Ryerson University: Bachelor of Fine Arts- Honours. When not acting, dancing, or singing (or all three!), Stephanie can be found choreographing and adjudicating for arts education programs, taste-testing the latest healthy snack, or indulging her love of sci-fi and fantasy stories on television and in video games. She may or may not own a tribble.

Favourite credits include: Astrophysicist Kathrynn 'Kate' Hamilton, a brilliant young scientist battling to maintain her sanity in the isolation of deep space in The Space Between Us, short film Roadkill as the dangerously ingenious rescuer of an unconscious man, period play The Heiress as excitable debutante Marian Almond, live theatrical escape event A Night at the Wedding as suspiciously sweet roommate-of-the-bride Jackie, and The Canadian Opera Company’s Death in Venice as the dancer-embodiment of Aschenbach’s joyous visions.

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"Truth, emotion and intelligence at [her] fingertips." -David Switzer, Sears & Switzer Studio

"Stephanie researched her role like nobody's business! She was wonderful and played her part exquisitely." -Errol Elumir, Co-Director, Canadian Caper's A Night At The Wedding

"Stephanie is not only a talented, versatile actor but also an extremely hard-working one that brings the director's imagination to life. I feel honoured to know her not only as an actor, but as a genuine, honest human being." -V. Parashar, Co-Director, Downsizing

"Thanks so much for doing everything you did for the shoot. It is always very humbling to work with such a dedicated actress." -Alex Coles, Director, Roadkill

"The film turned out great- in no small part due to your great performance and willingness to put up with a tough shoot." -Sam Lebel-Wong, Director of Photography, Roadkill